This is Not Me

New EP by Jonny Walker

Cover to This is not Me EP by Jonny Walker
Cover to This is not Me EP by Jonny Walker

This album can now be purchased a download on iTunes here.


This EP was recorded in a cosy bedroom above a clothes shop on Bold Street, Liverpool over one winter and two summers. (Powered by cooked breakfasts, of varying quality, from the many cafes in the near vicinity.) Thank you to my great friend and co-pilot Jez Wing for invaluable musical and technical wizardry. You are all over this record. I’m also grateful to you for your friendship, my fellow musical expeditionary.


These songs were written over a five year period of my life where everything changed. I spent time in the darkest of places and went as far down that dead end as I could possibly go. I’ve been on my way back ever since. I used to borrow Bob Dylan’s words and say, ‘I’ll know my song well before I start singing’. Well, I’ve started singing my songs now and I don’t intend stopping any time soon. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years: whether it was a coin in my case, a smile in the street or walking with me towards the light.


Preview short clips of each track:

Play! 1. Beautiful Morning
Play! 2. Song For Bernie
Play! 3. Last Waltz Of The Summer
Play! 4. This Is Not Me
Play! 5. Strange Disease