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17 Replies to “Sign up to the Jonny Walker Mailing List.”

  1. Hi-I saw you in York a couple of weeks ago, you were brilliant, bought two c.d.’s haven’t stopped playing them since, your songs are pure class.
    When do you play in Leeds?
    Keep going Jonny, many thanks for cheering me up.
    Many Thanks Gwyneth

  2. Lovely to meet you in cambridge today – 18th august. I’m listening to the CD and its gorgeous!

    I’d really love to come to one of your future gigs though i don’t travel too far. May be east anglia or london?

    Kind regards,

    Erica Jones

  3. Hi Jonny, I just wanted to say- I bought your 2 cd’s when you were performing in York, it was just over a week ago Thursday 8th. You were in the middle of singing a ‘Snow Patrol’ song, I took the 2 cd’s that were there & put the £10 in, you nodded your thanks. I just wanted to say I thought you were excellent & I am enjoying the discs. we just happened to be in York as we had been to LEGOLAND & we’d stopped in York for a couple of days on the way back as we (I) had a long drive back to Scotland.
    Anyway I just wanted to say I enjoyed what you were doing & listening to the albums.
    Thank you very much.
    Kind Regards
    Roddy MacArthur

  4. Seen and listened to you in Norwich last time I was on leave and bought a couple of your cd’s very impressed would like to hear more of your work and find the cost of hiring you for a gig sometime in Norwich

  5. thanks for a great night at The Lamb Inn friday 1st nov.we had a great time and love your music,hope to see you nov.29th.xx

  6. Hi Jonny excuse my English . I lost me a few months ago and I really like your music and personal style . You’re a beautiful person. You can ship your CD . I pay with pay pall cd + shipping . Thanks so much. Luisa

  7. I listened to you today in St Albans city centre today Jonny and you were amazing! Lovely to talk to you as well. You certainly brightened -up my shopping trip. Thank you so much. Bought a CD and signed -up to your mailing list. Can’t wait to follow you in the future. Ellen x

  8. Looking forward to hearing your three cd’s ive bought, it was quiet by accident on the York page on Facebook, so glad that happened, really hope you would get signed up with a record contract, you deserve it, your a great all rounder Sarah x

  9. Thank you for your musi and kindness , I have deep respect for you and the work you do for music. Thank you in particular for this afternoons session in Beverly you made my day.

  10. HI Jonny
    I also heard you by chance in York last Christmas and you blew me away 🙂 I bought the album of the song I thought you were singing, but it’s not on there….the song has a line in it which sounds like “Pain of Life” ….can you let me know where I can buy this? You’re lovely.

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