So what do you think of the site?

This is the web designer for the site signing in.

Jonny and I would like to get a bit of feedback from you all.

What do you think of the site, your gut reaction. Does it seem easy to navigate? Does it take too long to load? Also what would you like to see in terms of content?

Feel free to critique the site by posting comments on this post.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


9 Replies to “So what do you think of the site?”

  1. Just had a quick glance at the new website…lookin good…is there any chance there could be a list of venues and dates where jonny is going….or does he just randomly travel to a certain area as and wen…

  2. Saw u in this evening the rain in St Albans. 3 mins only wife n I love it. great how yu let the younglady sing.
    Site is good needs some playable music when you can. I wanted to byinspire my 16 y/o son by hearing you. he’s done a little street singing/playing

  3. Jonny, Bought two copies of your fab Live on Albion Street in downtown St Albans, gave one away, kept the other, went to play it a few minutes ago – somehow my laptop decided to rewrite it and lost all the songs, really fed up, any chance of sending me a gash copy – the song I really want is I’ll never let go of your hand, any chance of emailing me it!! Ratzo

  4. John,

    I saw you in York, UK in 2009 on the streets one evening and I am listening to your cd this moment. I hope that you have found greater and greater success in your efforts as a musician. Your performance made my stay in York that much more memorable.

    I am a Canadian military army officer and the romance of England and the ambiance of your performance was outstanding.

    Keep up the good work……love the site.



  5. Hope to see you one day in Liverpool,will stop and chat.Just really like the CD,web site is good too,think the picture is so true,music speaks volumes.Keep the good work going……..

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