Song Lyrics: Last Waltz Of The Summer

Last Waltz Of The Summer

A Walker/Wing song

It’s late as my head hits the pillow,
And my weary eyes close for the night,
But I’ve no time to lay here and wallow,
For I’ve seen the most gruesome of sights,

And I’ve listened to the whispers of children,
Whilst they’re hiding out under their beds,
And I’ve spoken those words left unspoken,
When no-one is sure what’s been said,

And my conscience is slowly eroding,
Washed out to sea with the tide,
And I’m left with a few empty smiles,
And the little that’s left of my pride

And I can’t stand the fact it’s the morning,
As the sunlight pours in through the door,
‘Cos I can see all my yesterdays,
Strewn all over the floor,

No and don’t talk to me of forgiveness,
For there’s none to be found anymore,
The priest has gone home and retired,
And the enemy is winning the war,

And still we’ll be looking for answers,
And for reasons to open our eyes,
But we are just wastrels and chancers,
Too eager to cut all our ties,

And the waves of the ages wash over,
And we are the dust left behind,
A people in need of a prophet,
Or seekers with no-one to find.



Copyright Jonny Walker. All rights reserved.

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