Song Lyrics: Song For Bernie

Song For Bernie


There’s an empty space on Church Street, where Bernie used to dance,
With passing drunks and travelers,
She never missed the chance,
To move her beaten body, broken, badly with the beat,
To briefly find herself at one with the music of the street,

There’s an empty place on Church Street where Bernie used to fight,
With passing drunks and lovers,
And other strangers in the night,
Her sad dark face was filled with fire as tears fell to her feet,
And lifetime’s trickled sadly into the river of the street


And if it’s alright,
To pretend that you don’t notice,
And if it’s alright to look the other way.
And if it’s alright to say that you won’t listen,
While she’s lying there,
She’s the one we just don’t see

There’s an empty bench on Church street, where Bernie used to lie,

She didn’t see the years and people,
As they slowly trickled by,
And left her sitting on her own beneath the Church Street sky,
To wait in heavy sadness,
For the day to say goodbye.


Copyright Jonny Walker. All rights reserved.

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  1. Jonny,
    I heard you in Hampstead a couple of times and I think that you incredible. You must keep at it, you are sooo talented.

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