Song Lyrics: Strange Disease

Strange Disease


Upon the good ship nowhere,
The slaves awoke one morn,
The salty smell of seaweed,
Filled the dew-kissed air of dawn,

There was a sudden murmur,
As some could see the land,

And in the far horizon,
The sun reflected off the sand,


Ride this boat with me,
We’ll sail these empty seas,
Hoping to be healed,
From this strange disease,

And as the ship drew closer,
The sky began to change,
From brightest blue, to bloodshed red,
The harbour now in range,

And I could see those colours,
Dancing in the sky,
As I strained to hear the music,
Of the siren’s lullaby,



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ship will sail forever,
For there’s nowhere to arrive,
And we’ll just sit here waiting,
For the final sun to rise,

Yes, I still see those colours,
Dancing in the sky,
As I wonder will I get the chance,
To say my last goodbye?


Copyright Jonny Walker. All rights reserved.

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