Jonny Walker: Gigs and Public Speaking Engagements, 2014

GREENBELT FESTIVAL: Friday 22nd – Monday 25th of August 2014


Live on Stage with The Jonny Walker Band at 3pm in the Canopy

Speaking about Keep Streets Live Campaign

11 am in the Canopy on Monday 25th

Intimate House Gig CHAPEL A HOUSE CONCERTS, LEEDS, West Yorkshire Saturday 27th of September 2014 from 6pm

Headline set with band and songwriting workshop and support from Abbe Smith

Advance tickets by paypal donation here or call 07946 754 599

Jonny Walker Chapel A band

Jonny Walker live at the 27th international BEATLES festival MONS, Belgium, 11th October 2014

Jonny Walker speaks on ‘Busking and Public Space’, Battle of Ideas,

Barbican Centre LONDON 18th October, 2014 from 10am to 11:30 am





Thanks jonny four the start of the day just listened to burnie Enjoy your day like your site etc happy traveling. Of to work now in a public park Bye

caroline welch says:

Seen you in York today, thought you were great,
Would you be interested in playing at our Music festival, around 300 to 400 hundred peep’s over Friday and Saturday 20th -21st Sept.. We have Bands already playing a mixture of Blue/ Rock/Jazz..
Were based just north of Whitby.. Let me know :)
Thanks Caroline

Unfortunately I only just saw this comment! I hope your event goes well!

When are you on at leeds tomorrow ?

Hi Jonny
We’ll be playing ‘Song for Bernie’ on Going North from Nashville this Mnday, 26th August.
Best wishes
Sue Smith & John Hebden

I am honoured that Song For Bernie has made it across the Atlantic and reached Nashville, which is where I bought my Gibson J45!

Are you in Norwich tomorrow, Saturday 31st ?


Hi Jonny
I have a special occasion coming up on the 21st september, could you please tell me if and where you will be performing as its a surprise.

Many Thanks

Sorry for the very late reply!

I will be in London on the 21st of September!

Hope this message finds you well :-)

mathew gouds says:

hey pal i need ur album of covers again last it still got ur song tho

I’ve got 4 cds now! 3 covers ones :-) Let me know and I can send them to you!

Hi Jonny, could you please tell me when you will be performing in Cambridge. I could assist you with your equipment as I did in August. Best wishes Sarah Shore

bondeau andre says:

I have seen you at Ouistreham this WE … great gigs friday night saturday and sunday … I hope you have enjoyed the French welcoming. Hope also that you had a pleasant journey back. Love to your wife and little Jo. I have some pictures of you gigging and I will pass them upon ma return home.
Strawberry Fields and Blackbird for ever …
Peace and love … Brigitte and André.
Love your composition specially “The song for Bernie”

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